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Most divorce mediators charge an hourly rate and therefore it is difficult to quantify.  The divorce mediation model that I use, however, operates on a set fee.  This set fee is quoted at the time of the initial complimentary consultation so that the parties know before they begin how much the entire process will cost.  Any additional fees that might arise to be paid to outside entities, such as the court filing fee, any appraisal fees or asset evaluation, is also explained at the consultation so that there are no financial surprises.  This important consideration is disclosed right from the start.  The set fee aligns your divorce mediator’s motivation with your own—to resolve your issues and conclude your matter in a timely, cost efficient manner, while the process is still personalize so that your attorney mediator has sufficient time to hear the circumstances of your case and address all your issues.  Divorce mediation is significantly less costly than a litigated divorce.

My goal is to explain the divorce process clearly and simply in order to take the fear and the unknown out of the equation.

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How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

During your initial consultation with New Hope Divorce Mediation, you will be quoted a set fee for the entire divorce process based upon your particular circumstances. Mediation allows you to go through the divorce process with low cost set fee and no financial surprises, taking fear of rising costs and the unknown out of your divorce Mediation is a private, fair alternative to litigation and it is one of the best gifts you can give your children. Divorce Mediation is respectful and leaves a working relationship intact, even as a marriage ends.

In addition to facilitating your decisions regarding equitable distribution and support issues, we ensure that you can afford your choices. As part of NHDM's mediation process, you will prepare a personal, prospective budget. Your mediator will review your budget with you to ensure that you can afford to comply with the decisions you are making as you proceed independently into your future.

We also work with a financial planner who you may work with directly as an adjunct to your mediation process so that you may get a crystal clear picture of your financial future. You may also choose to work with the financial planner to ensure that your financial future is secure and prosperous.